About Lee Turner Drumming:

So I started drumming at an early age by simply tapping on anything that I could, (I still do this today). My interest in music led to me taking drum lessons at school progressing to playing in the school big band. After leaving school I met up with Bobby Cleall, drum teacher at the Medway school of music where I studied with Bob for 5 years. Learning the basics chart reading and technique. Since 2013 I have been working with Bob again.

That said things are different now, you tube and video tuition have really changed the art, but for me working with Bobby gives me great satisfaction I'm always trying to improve my technique and reading skills, and my ambition is that one day I might take an interest in teaching but for now I'm interested only in playing.

I mainly played on the function band scene with the very popular and talented guys and gals of "60's Sensation" Coupled with this I played with a Blues band, "This Way Up" that was popular in and around South London for a good number of years. Currently I'm the drummer for "Sold on Soul" a lively 7 piece function band. (Check out the link on the bottom of my page)

I am an accomplished player with the ability to deputise in most situations, and confident to oblige at short notice. My playing ability is far greater than my reading ability, that said I understand music theory and can follow charts enough to get by. Given enough time I transcribe my own charts.

I have a professional attitude, I am reliable and will help out when and where I can, l can generally get buy in most situations.

I enjoy playing functions, but cannot resist the temptation to get out around the pub scene either playing or supporting other bands.

I don't really feel I have been influenced by any particular drummers but I am a fan of Zak Starkey, and Ringo Starr, Bonham was a beast, and Nick Mason a very underrated player. Keith Moon was mad and Karen Carpenter was a great musician and died too young.

My Set Up:

For small venues, I like to use my Ludwig silver sparkle Breakbeats kit. Small bebop kit, sounds great for a little geezer.
When I want that 60's Ringo sound I use my 1968 premier oyster kit.. It's a vintage gem.
For the rock stuff out comes the Yamaha Kit.. Deeper power toms. Think 80's Rock.

My choice of cymbals are:

Paiste PST 7 series, 14" hi hats, 16 and 18" crash 20" ride and 10" splash. Paiste 505 vintage 1980's series sound edge hi hats 16" crash 20" ride and 10" splash. 2002 16" crash.. The 1950's Zildjan ride gets a runout on special occasions. I like to use 7a sticks for the light work and 5a wood for the rock and pop.